Julia Herrero of Sharpsburg 

Traditional and, impressionistic paintings in oil, acrylics, pastel, drawings and more

A Bonaventure cemetery. Savannah. Georgia.

Original oil on canvas 24"x36" impressionistic style  commissioned painting.
Julia was able to capture the beauty and serenity of one of my most favorite places I love to visit in Bonaventure.  Every time I look at this painting I feel like I am there. She was able to capture the beauty of the azaleas and the live oaks draped with Spanish moss.   What is more impressive is her ability to paint light!  You can actually see sunlight breaking through the foliage amidst the shadows on the ground.  Amazing talent!
Thank you Julia for allowing me to have a bit of Savannah in my home.

Grant MacDonald


Original oil on canvas 24"x36" commissioned painting of personal backyard.

Winter fireplace.

Original oil on canvas 20"x24" commissioned painting of winter backyard scenery.

Julia recreated the magic of one of my favorite memories in this painting. My father was visiting from south Texas when we had an unexpected December snowstorm in Grant park! Julia has a rare talent for capturing the subtle nuances of light--the cool purplish-pink of a winter sky, the pale shimmer of a fading sun on all it touches.  Every time I look at this painting I am brought back to that day--the dampened sound of crackling ice and the cool sensation of a snowy breeze on my face. Julia has truly created something beautiful and like the memory it brings to life, this painting will always be special to me. Thank you Julia!

Sean Carr